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Home Loans

Planning to buy your dream home?

Pavitra Realty can offer you the financial solutions you need. We offer property advisors as well as loans that are flexible, helping people realize their dreams of building a home. We can guide you through the entire process of applying for a home loan. Our experts have the necessary skills and expertise to assist you in purchasing a home loan. We have tie-ups with some of the leading financial institutions to help you get the lowest home loan interest rate. We not only help you to get a home loan at competitive interest rates, but we also provide you with a loan. It also guarantees early completion of the application process. We strive to offer personalized services to our customers. If you wish to apply for a home loan in banks. We can send our well-trained executive to your home or office to explain the requirements. We offer doorstep services which mean, you don’t have to visit different home loan providers in order to get a loan at a good rate. Our relationship manager will not only assist you to understand the loan requirements and collect documentation but also facilitate you in filling out the application form.

Loan Facility Available With Some Of Your Trusted Banks.......

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